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Sad Child

Sad Child

Where was the world when you cried out loud in pain?

When your heart was wretched by the sting of hopelessness,

Who came to your aid, in the middle of many a lonesome night,

When you sort for tears but none came to ease your heavy brow,

Because you were a child they laughed and scorned at your playful tantrums,

They thought your anguish was but a fleeing moment of want and so they ignored your fragile frame,

When your frail fingers scratched the cold earth for solace,

They thought this was a moment to find repose,

How can this be?

You thought to yourself, such neglect from hands of charity,

Of what use is love if it cannot be felt, how is it that your pain has gone unheard of,

Even when the rapist stole and broke your spirit, they turned a blind eye to your predicament.

On the eve of a new dawn, when you look backward to speak of unspeakable things,

Your heart is sunk by the tides of a series of unfortunate event,

And then you remembered that you were but a sad child.

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