Sacrifices Made for the Truth and the Lie: The Meaning of the Five of Swords Tarot Card

Updated on November 7, 2017
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Wind blown and disruptive landscape
Wind blown and disruptive landscape | Source

Sacrifices Made for the Truth and the Lie: The Meaning of the Five of Swords Tarot Card


*Is someone treating you unmercifully cruelly?

*Is someone bullying you?

*Is someone lying about you?

*Is someone manipulating you and your perceptions?

*Is someone putting their needs first, selfishly?

*Are you being set up to get into trouble without doing anything wrong?

*Is there deep betrayal with continuous tension and conflict?

*Have you been the subject of dishonour, where your reputation and integrity has been smashed to pieces?

*Are you forced to learn how to protect and stand up for yourself after grave violations of trust?

The 5 Swords is a low card which is indicating that you are encountering all of the above. Or, about to.

The Picture Symbolism about the 5 Swords

A man wears a satisfying snigger and/or gloating expression upon his face, while he collects his prized swords.

This man carries two swords over his left shoulder which stands for this man’s need to compete to the bitter end.

The sword he grasps in his right hand and that is pointing down to the Earth shows an imbalance between this man’s beliefs/attitudes and his feelings/ lacking any remorse or having feelings.

The two swords laying down on the ground shows two people who are defeated and giving up. This is shown by them walking away.

The landscape in the 5 swords card is wind-blown and disruptive. The presence of the swords symbolizes the world of language, thoughts, words and verbal disputes.

To get along with our neighbouring human beings, it is wise to keep certain things to ourselves. Both to preserve one’s level of personal safety in the world together with sustaining one’s personal identity, sense of self-worth and dignity.

Hostile shouting
Hostile shouting | Source

General Understanding of the 5 Swords Tarot Card.

The presence of the 5 swords tarot card, indicates that someone is going to invade your inner and/outer world in order to collect information about you which can then be weaponized to incite hatred and aggression so that hostile verbal assaults take place that can also lead to physical assaults. That is, there will be the experience of no filtering of the gathered information and no consideration of the consequences of this action.

Lies will be told and your weaknesses used against you. Someone will set you up to get into trouble with the law, the authorities, your co-workers and your family. False accusations will be made against you. This 5 of Swords person goes out of their way to abuse you, bully you, create drama and intense conflictual situations. This 5 Swords person derives a sadistic pleasure from your suffering.

Verbal aggression unprovoked
Verbal aggression unprovoked | Source

During this experience with the 5 swords tarot card, your spirituality dies, along with your faith in people and their innate good natures.

However, one upside is, to survive, you are forced to stand up for yourself and learn how best protect yourself.

The 5 swords person feigns being your friend to others, while all the while just wants more and more information about you so he/she can weaponize the information to use against you.

Meaning of Past Position in a Reading

1. The Negative Side

Either someone puts their interests and life before yours. Or, you are doing that to another.

You are being dishonoured or you are dishonouring another.

Opportunities that should have come to you, are lost forever.

2. Positive Side

If you were forced to experience an unwanted situation or actions of a bullying abusive person and you survived it? The up growth is, that you learnt to put yourself first. You learnt how to best soothe and nurture yourself together with learning to stand up and protect yourself either verbally or with the written word.

Meaning of Present Position in a Reading

Here, the 5 swords says, you are unhealthily putting your needs first. Or, another person is doing that to you.

You experience your integrity and reputation being shattered to pieces.

For instance, your partner or lover, loses themselves in an erotic affair where it’s all about this other. There is this unhealthy obsession, where everyone else in their life is neglected.

Meaning of Future Position in a Reading

If the 5 swords turns up here, it says, you have risen like the Phoenix out of the fire. You have learnt in a back handed way to assert your Will in a healthy way together with asserting your beliefs and values in a respectful way.

However, this controlling and cruel situation still demands you act in a fair and balanced way towards your Frenemy. Even though this declared Frenemy will have the information to release out in the public sphere to cause a scandal about you in the most inopportune way. It will be unfair.

Your declared Frenemy will come from a position of unchecked power.

E.g.: civilian vs a federal police officer.

E.g.: a parent who places themselves in a Godlike position to a child.

You could also be blackmailed

With the presence of the 5 swords tarot card you will be put under a tremendous amount of pressure and stress. If you haven’t learnt how to be kind or loving to yourself, you will be forced to do that or become disabled figuratively or literally. So, find ways to express your humiliation and degradation in a safe and careful way. Do not turn your anger into sorrow onto yourself and your life. That will be the other trial.

Last Thoughts…

It seems to me, the more you go out into the adult world, the more the adult world is focused on decreasing one’s personal powerbase through theft and destruction, so that you become dependent or reliant on another’s system.

I hope I have done a good enough job to describe the essence of this 5 Swords energy that exists in our collective society. I have written a poem about the 5 swords energy through my personal experiences. I hope it helps to forearm you, when or if the dynamics of the 5 swords comes into your life.

Sacrifices Made for the Truth and the Lie: The Meaning of the Five of Swords Tarot Card (A POEM)

The smug smile flashes,

like red and green traffic lights,

where one stops and startles while the other pushes, dashes.

Conceitedness birthed from,

vile contemptuousness acts,

that are far from common sombre.

The Five of Swords gripes possessiveness,

through etheric sonar technologies,

manifesting as mind stalking invasiveness.

Dangerous Liasions
Dangerous Liasions | Source

The Sword of cruelty is upheld,

announcing, game-on.

Hidden hostilities now shine and meld.

Provocative words insult,

igniting dangerous liaisons,

forming battle lines of them vs us, result.

The prostrate sword red flags,

rest where you can.

Soothe and nurture with peace lags.

Keep your chin up and move with firm resolve
Keep your chin up and move with firm resolve | Source

The crying figure beyond,

Sirens, keep your chin and head up,

Amongst the furore of tricks, lies and crimes updraught.

Watch out for the Pope,

of the Waratah Flower.

Do not enter the dark night of the mope.

The criminal ambushes the Mother,

forcing her to lie with the enemy,

assaulting one’s DNA, with the other.

Black Moon females
Black Moon females | Source

Dishonour and violence bursts,

from cruel black moon females,

or men with female black hearts thirsts.

Pink tenderness must now waterfall.

Deepening one’s connection with Spirit,

assigning beauty as a must, for all.

More than ever, in times of strife,

one has to share and receive,

generosity together with open Spirit life.

Harmonize with the pants and animals. Follow your natural rhythm
Harmonize with the pants and animals. Follow your natural rhythm | Source

Time for nature, plants and animals.

Follow nature’s rhythms all around,

is the necessity for living tall.

Be aware, the hidden criminal,

commits her crime through,

using honesty as a blunt arsenal.

With cheaters, liars and tricksters,

context breeds the truth.

Omissions breed deceptions and mixtures.

The Will to live,

is through the high road,

even towards your abuser, and you shiver.

You will learn from the criminal,

to see the why’s,

from all sides, even when subliminal.

Right the wrong,

keep a firm resolve.

Trust, even though you are one in a throng.

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    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 5 weeks ago from Australia

      Elijah, before you commented, I felt I needed to be more concrete with information as to what the meaning of the 5 Swords Tarot card can be (instead of a poem). It may then make more sense to you and others.

      So, see what you think afterwards.

      Thank you for stopping by (smile)

    • The0NatureBoy profile image

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 5 weeks ago from Washington DC

      I was not able to grasp the meaning you intended, I don't believe, especially since I see no right nor wrong. I do know in the "Garden East in Eden" metaphor the sword represent eliminating attachments while the flame on it represent purifying our minds from evil/good concepts.

      Having overcome "The Knowledge of Good and Evil's" blindness, which disallows us to live as I have change the following verses to ...

      "Time for [man like] plants and animals.

      "[To] follow nature’s rhythms all around,

      "is the necessity for living tall"

      suggest because we hu/woman deny we are animals and dare not believe how they live is how man lived prior to our "death of mind" good and evil bestowed upon us. So, if you see the sword is pointing to you I believe it is suggesting that you eliminate your attachment to everything man has made (Matthew 19:29) including things used to comfort us.