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Sweetest Imagination

Judy finished school at La Consolacion College Manila with a degree of BSBA Major in Financial Management.


Living in a dream

You have come unexpectedly

Showed me things undoubtedly

Accept things that shows the real me

And even bring out the best in me

I never thought I could feel

A warm embrace, Yes, it’s real

A gentle touch I could missed

Chilly nights, warm hugs and ocean breeze

As I look across the narrow sea

You were my husband as I foresee

So please hold me tight and don’t let go

We’ll be happy, this I know

We will travel far, don’t leave a trace

Let’s be unknown, be lost in a maze

Between the beginning and the end

I know there’s nothing to pretend

But when I wake up and see the morning light

Things became clear, sky shining so bright

I was so happy and wanted to scream

To a beautiful and romantic dream

© 2019 Judy Ann Sollestre

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