Updated on March 3, 2018


A coward. A loser. A selfish man.
Wants to run away from problems as soon as he can.
Doesn’t care about the people around.
He seemed to be doing fine, living safe and sound.
What could be SO wrong that he wanted to die,
I’m sure it could’ve been solved had he even tried!”

Suicide-an act of cowardice is what people believe.
What they don’t understand is the sense of relief
That a person committing suicide is willing to find,
The only way out for him to put the past behind.

“I’m a good-for-nothing man, a burden for all.
There’s no reason for my living, none that I can recall.
My parents are ashamed of me, for I have done nothing good.
Haven’t on my own two feet I have ever stood.
My friends? Well, they don’t care about me anyway,
My absence won’t matter to them is all I can say.
The society? They sure will be happy and content!
With me gone, they’ll have new gossip and stories to invent.
This world would be a better place with me out of the frame,
After all I haven’t really felt like a person lately, just an invisible name..”

Suicide- an act of courage is what it really is, not fear.
To end one’s life, to leave behind people, near and dear.
To take that step to fight all the questions in his mind,
The only way, he thought he has, to leave the past behind.
Just imagine, what point he’d reached in life where ending it seemed to be the only way out.
Before saying anything or making comparisons, just think what his life was all about....


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    • Mark Tulin profile image

      Mark Tulin 9 days ago from Santa Barbara, California

      It sounds that you knew a person who committed suicide. A lot of suffering all the way around. It leaves a horrible legacy for the survivors.