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Stay Dreaming

Finding myself in the forest,

Feeling the green pasture at my fingertips,

While sensing the gentle fall of rain,

Leaves were scattered on a lonely soil,

Forming like a bed for me to lie and roll,

I see birds pecking on every trees,

Hear them chirping like they were singing,

See the deers and antilopes running up to the nearest lake,

Drinking the crystalline water with the bear,

Lions are crouching behind the thick grasses,

Yawning with content and winked a smile,

Suddenly a rabbit dashes its way towards me,

As I open my arms it came to me and say,

"You must be lonely'',

"Forget the past and just stay",

For that I suddenly woke up,

And find myself facing reality,

As I free fall from a hill,

And see death waiving at me.

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