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Status Update

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

i hate deadlines

of any kind

work, school, scholarships

a dumb creation for scholar shit

pressure pressure pressure

an addition to the infinite stressors

we already deal with

lesser lesser lesser

is how they make you feel if

you transgress or

ignore it altogether


i agree with it or not

that’s the system

and my wisdom

has opened my eyes

to its flaws

so i’ll stall

them with a piece about nothing

except the thoughts on my mind

let’s change the subject

i was God’s little toy

His little object

His plaything

i was scathing

in heartache

all of yesterday

i was sent the text of doom


depression will make its return

tactics to avoid it was not learned

from my last therapy session

will i ever learn my lesson

as i hold two middle fingers to the sky above

past the doves


“man in the clouds,

stop making me fall in love.”

you never know how much you care until they’re gone

till then, it’s all just an inference

fuck it,

let’s talk about something different

what else, what else

i just performed an open mic

it was tight

my poems were liked

by many

so i was psyched

but like

i shook throughout the entirety


a phenomena unfamiliar to me

you see

i used to be

a class clown of sorts

who would sport

outfits that required gazes

thus, it amazes me

that i’m now struggling

with social anxiety

a being who longs for privacy

its driving me


but hey

we all have our quirks

i’ll talk to my therapist

maybe we can work

it out

because i’m not afraid of getting help

and neither should you

cause sometimes the hard things

are the right things to do

especially to keep my mind sane

my mind is drained

i might in due time write a part two

three more things to say

i love you

drink water

and have a great day

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