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Stand and Dare

Stand and Dare

Once a boy was plucking jackfruits a jackfruit fell on his face. He lost one of his eye forever. It was painful, for a moment life became stagnant. But he didn't stop there. He stood again and built himself as an outstanding personality. Today many renowned and successful people are his followers.

One day I was worried about some situation, I was not sure how to cope up with that. My spiritual master saw me and asked the reason behind that. I told him everything and said ,"it seems Guruji that it's all over now.''

He smiled and told me the same story of that jackfruit incidence which has been described in the summary above. After that he added saying, ''at that time it seemed to that small boy as well that it was all over. He cried and cried for days. But one particular day he realised the fact that, he had now two options - either to sit and cry or to STNAD AND DARE and to move on setting an example. And today he leads many renowned and successful people worldwide. People love him , follow him , adore him and are devoted to him . But he is not attatched to anything . He takes everything as Lord's wish, blessings and offerings.

He motivated me to solve the problem and also asked to write a poem on it. And Lo! next day I was there with the poem in front of him.


Never let any hardship mock at you

Never ever let her pull you behind

Gather your courage always to stand

Never let any damn thing perturb your mind.

Whenever any difficulty looks at you

In turn you be the first one to stare

Let it not dominate your conscience

Gather your courage to STAND AND DARE.

Instead of the cruel fate challanging you

You challange her saying, ''come what may''

Don't be like a coward walking behind others

Being a lion leave footprints on your way.....

And guess what ! later on I came to know that , that boy in jackfruit story was none other than !


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