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Song of the Little Bird

Angela is a Content Writer. She loves to write contents that are educational, informative,inspirational and motivational.


I am a small bird in a hanging nest

Striving for space,eager to rest

The forest is deep,the leaves are large

I reach for the sun at the branch's edge

Seasons come,seasons go

Some are fast,some a little slow

The hawk left a spot on my anxious nail

The pigeon's droppings so white and frail

Father toils all day for a small wage

Coming home at times with a hefty rage

Mother takes it all in her noble stride

So hard working, so full of pride

Many times I eat at their purses risk

Wafer-thin bread and little milk

In times of war,the gun is king

I am the ghostly orphan,a wasted thing

Generals shoot their way to a bloody truce

Their boots red and rude with my precious juice

Then come famine,I eat the least

Though in certain houses,it's often a feast

Yet I deserve to live if the world must be

For what's a hive without its bee?

Decent shelter, unhampered health

Are my lawful due,my well-earned wealth

It's all eo human and also right

That I have to know how to read and write

I am a little bird hanging in a nest

Striving for space,eager for the best


"Song of the Little Bird" is an allegory on the fate of the child in a troubled country.An allegory is a story which is told through symbols. Here,the child is represented by a little bird which recounts the hardships that it has to endure.

© 2022 Angela Ariwodo

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