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How soon is too soon to find love to end being home alone

How far is my love from me, my quest to find

A cooked seasoned exotic meal I am of myself

Yet a fountain of lonesome

Now and then I stand in gaze

With all hopes awaiting that one stranger, the handsome I pray

From the far East the said awakening of blessings

I look up to each day for that miracle

I am of arrest by mean cold

Even a cup of hot tea couldn’t break me free

Inner warmth I need oh stranger, my handsome come appease the gods

Seasons came, my mission is same

In rest in the West, I sleep awake

Awaiting the break of dawn from you, my stranger

The door is unlocked, pasture is green and bare

I would be glad if you came my way sooner

So I could laugh my lungs out aloud

Get someone to play with in cuddles.

I stand alone, diet alone, sleep alone

I’m Home alone.

© 2021 Isaac Teye Coffie