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By my writings, I hope to inspire you and make a difference in your life.


Seldom I speak off my mind

afraid to stand corrected.

Seldom I raise hands,

afraid I won't be recognized.

Seldom I make companions,

afraid to be rejected.

Seldom I am real,

in masks I show off myself.

This inferior heart of mine,

coated with insecurities oftentimes.

Seldom I enjoy life

for I desired to be best,

making them proud of my quest!

Seldom I laugh

for life's been so unfair,

living in this world of despair.

Seldom to Him I put the blame,

Why let a pleading child suffer worst

over and over again?

Seldom, I get curious

Why do am I perfectly imperfect?

Seldom I paused, never play again

this series of seldom's in me.

Yet, I fear to fail.


© 2022 Sangie Ceneta