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Sacred Dollar Bucket Club

Do You Ever Take A Walk Into Hard Times, And Feel Your Deep In Quick Sand? Christ Is With You. "The Trinity Walk" It Is A Blessed Walk.~



Stand Up And Be A Gladiator, Fight For The Rights Of Others

People Have The Right To Eat, Starvation Kills

I Was On Face Book Seeing Many Pictures Of Starving People

And Hungry Children

We All Know The Beat Of That, With Starvation

Comes Poverty And Living In Shacks.

It Took A Couple Of Times Of Going On Face Book

And Flashes Of Seeing Starving Children Around The World

Grabbed Tightly Onto My Heart And Emotions.

Which Hit Me With The Truth Of Reality

Which Is:

How Much Do Human Beings Really Care?

Why Haven't We Done Enough To End Poverty Across The World ?

Can Poverty Be Prevented?

Is God Waiting For People To Realize They

Can End Poverty?

Tear Drops Ran Down My Face When I Realized

How Easy It Would Be.

And My Heart Shattered When I Realized

How Easy It Would Be


Than I Wanted To Hide Under My Blankets

With Embarrassment

Knowing Some Children Don't Even

Have Blankets

Why Did It Takes Me So Long To Realize This?

I'm So Embarrassed !!!

I'm Not Going To Dance Around In Poetic

Gestures With Every Line.

Following In A Rhythmic Structure

I'm Going To Get To The Point

If We All Just Put A Dollar A Week Into

A Sacred Bucket Club To End Poverty

That Is Only $4.00 Dollars A Month

And That Is Not Much.

Hello World Lets Dance Spiritually

Hello People, Corporations,Companies, Churches, Temples, And Mosques

Of The World.

Do We All Need A Blanket To Hide Under From Embarrassment ?

That Is Only $48.00 A Year, From Each Person In The World,

Going Toward Ending Poverty.


I Am Just A Simple Girl And Have No Knowledge To Get This Started.

Nor Am I An Administrator Of A Charity Organization.

Nor Can I Pass World Wide Laws Against Having Homeless, Starvation

And Laws Against Living In Poverty.

Nor Am I An Accountant Or Part Of Administration In Companies,

Corporations Churches, Temples, Or Mosques.

Nor Am I In Advertisement For Coordinating Mass Media Campaigns.

All I Am Saying Is Let's Start A Large Movement To End Poverty

It Can Be Done.


There Are 325.7 Million People In The United States

There Are 30 Million Companies In The United States

There Are 180 Million Active Companies In The World.

The Population Of The World Statistics in 2016 Is 7.442 Billion People

In The World.

How Many Mosques, Temples Churches In The World?

I Did Not Research That Statistic, I saw Enough To

Want To Cry With Embarassement

Does God Know We Can End Poverty?




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