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Cat lover, RMT, MD in the making. I just love writing about anything and I want to share my thoughts out there.

Along the horizon, it rises and sets. A sweet lullaby it sings and hums at its tranquility. Indeed, it is a beauty- a real treasure of earth. Of clear sparkles rests at its base and how we see it endless with our eyes. A glob of burning red it is and plans something vengeful at its wake. Roar of its anger and hot breath it blows. Why do we not understand the importance of the will it serves? Of its untamed madness of land? On its palm hold the upper hand, the face holds its command. To have or to have not, the life we not clearly deserve. It knows- it will show, what trepidation of our heart must know. The beginning of sorrow comes along with sweat. Pained cries and burns on chest. Then will come the silence.