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Rushing In

I long for the day we all stop rushing in and instead stand on the line, rather than picking sides.

Winning Arguments Isn't Worth a Brighter Future

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

There is my brother standing across the line,
His eyes are piercing when they meet mine.
I'd like an acknowledgement one last time,
Before we go rushing in.

Blades are sharpened and aim is true,
This is something we don't want to do.
Don't need to want this, no need to rue,
Before we go rushing in.

Can't see a reason not to turn back,
Our once pure souls, now rotting and black.
Every glance is now an attack,
Before we go rushing in.

My knife now implanted within his chest,
Wanted to wish him all the best.
Press his dying head against my breast,
Because we went rushing in.

Brother against brother, friend against friend,
We did not think, now this is the end.
A soothing apology could not make amends,
Because we went rushing in.

Darkness falls on these weary eyes,
Because we listened to all their lies.
My brother in arms, an enemy he dies,
Because we went rushing in.

Stop rushing in.

We Need to Unite

Performative cruelty, divisive language, willful ignorance, victimization, all of these things combined are now daily occurrences within all of our lives. To ignore this fact is an admission of guilt, and acceptance of the rampant toxicity within society that seeks to destroy everything we hold dear. No one of sound mind wants to take part in it anymore, and the addiction to the evil power it all holds needs to be thrown by the wayside. Give in to the healing powers of abstention from cruelty.

For far too long I've been watching social trends turn people into complete monsters. It is like a black hole made of evil in the sense that once people pass the event horizon we lose sight of them and they can never come back out. It only seems that way, however, but it is upon everyone to work together to escape this pitiful black hole. We are all brothers, sisters, friends and family and it is about time we all start treating each other like it. Most of the attacking is done for the sake of political ideals, political ideals that will never come to be unless a politician decides it is what is best for us rather than us getting to choose for ourselves. When that politician finally gets around to passing that ideal you so desperately wanted you'll celebrate ignorantly, not realizing that bill is a twisted and cruel promise of only the image rather than the carrying out of your wishes.

We don't need to rush into every verbal battle, sending the verbal mustard gas over the field hoping to kill every enemy we can. When you do this you are killing not just the enemy, but also your own side. No one wants this, so why is it occurring? Why take part in it when walking away is so much easier? One less interaction with the problem is one less bullet snapping past your head.

For all those who survive this battle, they are left with the trauma of it all. Watching your friend become an enemy, your coworker cut down by your boss, and your family torn asunder by their part in it that you encouraged. The memories of each and every volley planting themselves firmly in your heart, the roots of hate spreading to every inch of your body, and the repetition giving it the undeserved gift of life.

No man's land could be a place of celebration, a place of life, but you turning your back on this social war is crucial to that dream.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Take Responsibility for the Future

No matter how small and insignificant you feel, nor how much good you think you are doing by taking part in what you perceive as progressive dialogue, understand that each and every connotation of every word has a resounding effect around the entire world. You wouldn't launch a verbal nuke at your own home, so why launch one at that guy on the internet that you've never even met? Take the time to consider how damaging, and equally how healing your words can be. Be the voice of reason, love, and healing. Take the time to get to know your enemy, why they do what they do, what traumas they've faced to bring them into this war. Then when you have learned to love your enemy, when you can see the reflection of your enemy in the mirror, reach out and hold them dearly. Whisper in their ear that it will all be alright, and that none of this is necessary. Tear their wretched feelings out by the root, and plant the seeds of acceptance.

It is up to you to decide where we go from here, and I hope you choose the best path for us all.

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