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Running Around in Circles

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Startled by the sound of the alarm clock buzzing

Motivation to arise from sound slumber difficult

Wasn't even sure if it was truly morning

Didn't have the usual pep in those easy steps

Dreaded beginning the usual weekly daytime routine

With work and internet videos to pass the time

Atmosphere gloomier than it has ever been

Night and day mixed together by dismal cloud laced sky

Yesterday felt like I was on the path to some type of evolution

Newfound growth and strength in character never seen before

One step forward into some newer territory

Today turned into a different turnaround

Wheels in reverse and moving backwards faster than ever

Unable to control or understand the turnabout that occurred

Self confidence on shakier foundation than ever before

Wondered if all my decisions had long term consequences

What was the point in doing anything if it all came back to haunt you?

Unfair to overanalyze every single move made on the chess board

Going to the grocery store or picking out an outfit

Shouldn't require that much or any diplomacy to make

Needed to unwind, but unable to mentally slow down

Brain full of ideas and no outlet to run them

Everything going at warp speed and no pause button found

Ready to find some relief and rest the grinding gears

Found an opportunity to do it and shocked at what was found

Completely dizzy from retracing the steps of a crop circle

In a nearby field where either some aliens left a message

Or some drunk college kids were fooling around

With a tractor or something along those blurred lines

Hard to fathom or understand why this mini-blip happened

Some humility or a test to determine the longer course ahead

Needed an Etch A Sketch to make that picture clearer

Cannot see what was ahead or behind me now

Scared of what was to come; keeping head down for now

Until the storm passes and move onto the next piece of the puzzle

Let's hope this game of life had some smoother moments

Unsure if that will happen anytime soon, but one can hope.

Time to make a move.

Time to make a move.

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