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Run Turkey Run! - A Thanksgiving Poem

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Turkey for Thanksgiving

Turkey for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day, an expression of gratitude

Where folks from all over celebrate the humbleness of Jesus in his multitude

A day when we share a meal with friends and family

When we recognize humbleness and humility

But as the saying goes, one's man meal is another birds death

For many decades the turkey has wept

When he remembers all the relatives plucked and ate

No other bird has faced the wrath of teeth like the Turkey on Thanksgiving

The disruption of this birds family is unforgiving

I advised the Turkey birds that they better have an escape plan

Else they will definitely be ending up in somebody's cooking pan.

So Run turkey Run! Don't let the Thanks-givers catch you

Else you will be presented glazed on a plate for them to chew

Run Turkey Run! No, don't hide in the butchers shop

Or else you will be headless, wingless with no drumsticks to hop

Go faster Turkey, can't you see the Thanks givers are gaining on you

Hop over that fence and hide in that hole if you want to live past two

The Turkey Escapes

The Turkey ran as fast as he could but the crowd was gaining ground

I had to help the poor bird somehow to make it past the Thanksgiving round

He hid in a hole and the bird eaters ran past fast

It was now up to me to disguise the Bird so he wouldn't be dinner or leftover breakfast

So I went out and bought this beautiful fake peacock tail

Pinned it on Mr. Turkey, now he looked like he would prevail

The crowd came dashing back as they knew he must have been hiding near

They looked in the dog house, behind the bushes and even behind the rocking chair

They saw what they believed to be a peacock from behind

And left leaving the Turkey hidden in plain sight

Thanksgiving day had past, but it was still a sad day in Turkey land

The graveyards were filled of bones of those digested without a proper funeral

From that day, the Turkeys vowed revenge on mankind

But years past and thing never changed, Thanksgiving had come, now it was turkey time

© 2017 Clive Williams

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