Updated on October 14, 2018
Once upon a Time - Rumplestiltskin
Once upon a Time - Rumplestiltskin


Once upon a time,
In a land far far away,
A curse was laid to a man in a heart of a woman today,
She fled to the foreign land though I want her to stay,
Hoping she’ll remember me, that’s all I can say.

But even she departs, her memory was fresh,
The apple, the dagger, the castle, the convo, the rosy flesh,
Indeed, the fairy-tale is just a dream of wit,
And All I want is to lay down and sleep.

She gave me apple who poisons my mind,
In which everywhere I look, I saw her eyes.
The first time we met, she offers a deal without uttering words,
It is, either, to follow her or just slip my world.

I remember those days that we’re in character,
She is a malevolent trickster and I’m a Buccaneer,
There, I can say that heaven is a real thing,
When she’s standing by my side in the name of Rumpelstiltskin.

Her dagger was the weapon,
Which cleaves my atrium,
Hallucinating her - an excavation,
Because falling for her was the beginning of my triumph.

On that day…
On that very day,
destiny lit our magnetic fields,
That everywhere I go, I am held,
I go opposite direction,
but eventually, it’s directed straight towards her.

She’s maybe an architect in the distant realm,
But she’s a proprietor in my precious terrain,
Why does on other places she gambles?
When in fact she’s the owner of my heart’s castle.

Back then, I am her shadow everywhere she goes,
Even on a bridge, in campus or in a hallway,
I always wanted to help on the things she’s up to,
But I am impeded by my fear that she might stay away.

Things turn upside down as we started a short convo,
As I heard her sweet angelic voice of hello,
I melt there like an ice cream in hot ventilation,
Her gorgeous looking smile is a charming sensation.

That’s the greatest time of the year I do not want to end,
The discourse we have, every second is exquisite.
Every word that came out to her innocent lips,
Are golden lullaby I always wanted to regurgitate.

She is my Wendy on my Neverland,
Though it can never happen, I understand,
I’ll just be the beast among the best,
And she’ll be my Belle among the rest.

The Rosy Flesh embed on her lenient cheek,
Are the magnificent feather of a lovely dove,
Like her heart – pumps, and beat,
Deserves a one-of-a-kind enormous love.

Those memories that are still fresh,
The dagger, the apple, the castle, the convo, the rosy flesh,
Were the dark magic that lures me,
Will the sacrifice for her a sweet symphony?

The act of chivalry, the bravery, and the prince in her story?
But how? How will I be a part of her galaxy?
If her departure is the bitter reality,
And the “Together” is a sweet fantasy.

That very day when we first met,
Is the moment I won’t forget,
When she’s once a trickster - a malevolent being,
Standing by my side in the name of Rumpelstiltskin.

The End.


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      4 weeks ago

      So deep indeed


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