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Rows of Corn


An ear of corn, translates into a corn row, unseen,

On the head a vegetable which depicts precision.

A portrait of suggestion and inspiration,

A row of corn, a corn row,

Likeness so simplistic, yet so profound,

Here in this picture is compliance with something created,

What? the vegetable, I love corn!

Cornrows are one of the most creative expressions for hair,

There is an established purpose for the hair,

The comb cannot even testify to its truth,

The plaiting or braiding of the hair shouts for glory,

Long hair is said to be woman's glory,

However, shorter hair screams corn row, plait me!

I am daughter, not woman,

Corn rows done for the right reason, not for show,

Speaks of established purpose for a head of hair,

It appears as part of the sanctification process for hair,

Not for show, for purpose only,

Creative because something created is imaged, an ear of corn,

A head full of cornrows, what a metaphor, a message,

Can it be heard or seen?

To be comfortable in self, unseen is better,

if it produces a fuss,

The cornrow is both inspirational and artist,

Practical and pragmatic

Producing reality, not virtual nor almost reality,

The individual cornrows are likened to rows of corn,

Or aka as ears of corn pictured in the art work.

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