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Routines Make Us Feel Good

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They Are Relaxing And Rewarding

From the time I begin my day

To the time it ends

I have many little routines that give me much satisfaction

I make our bed

It is still fun throwing the different pillows on top

I wash the dishes in our home

It brings me back when I was young

My father would wash the dishes and my brother and I would help dry

Some routines have never changed

Brushing my teeth after every meal and just before bed

Taking daily vitamins to help us stay healthy

Trying to exercise a little bit to stay in shape

No matter what it is

When our small barrels in the house fill up during the week I bring it to a bigger barrel outside

When it comes trash day

I bring the trash to the dump

I fill up our car with gas at the gas station

For me it always was a thrill

I leave for work about the same time

Driving in the afternoon and late night home again

I try to go on the laptop a little while every day

In my spare time I write about all the little fun things that make up life

My wife has her own routines

She does most of the cooking

She enjoys her different T.V. programs and shows

She talks to most members of our family more than me

She gives me an update who is doing what and when

Recently I do most of the driving

Before my wife drove everywhere

We both do food shopping on Tuesdays

It use to be on Wednesdays

Our days off our Wednesday and Thursday

We relax and take walks

Sometimes we pick a place to go out to eat

Then we watch a couple of T.V. programs we both like

There are more routines I am sure we all have

I will have to take a closer look

They make us feel safe

Give us comfort and joy

An imaginary security blanket

Are there any routines that make up part of your day?

Do they give you great pleasure ?

Please share and have a nice afternoon

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