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Router and Hammer Tie the Knot

I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.

Router and Hammer Tie the Knot


The saw cuts the wood

The router makes a groove

The paper with the sand on it

Makes the craft feel smooth

The brush grabs the paint,

Strokes and lays a coat down

The stirring stick inside the can

It’s fun to spin round and round

The hammer hits the nail

Which goes into the wall

The wire holds the craft

So the craft is seen by all

Saw wants to cut some more

And brush wants to paint some, too

But the router and the hammer

Found something better to do

It seems while reading night ‘fore last

The hammer found a fiddling cat

And then he learned of a jumping cow

Well, by golly, then that was that

Hammer felt kind of like spoon

And router a bit like dish

Their eyes met from across the garage

Thusly born was their courting wish

The sandpaper was in attendance

Stirring stick and nail were, too

The wire and craft had little choice

They weren’t hanging there with glue

The wrench appeared quite suddenly

Ordained in the ways, someone said

Asked if they did, they said I do

Router and hammer then quickly fled

Out the door and down the road

In a galloping, fleeting rush

The last in the garage to see them

Were of course the saw and brush

Then the latter pair found on the floor

A book that was filled with riddles

Opened the pages and there inside

Was the story of Hey Diddle Diddle

Before the cow jumped o’er the moon

Brush’s horse hair and saw’s teeth clenched

Next thing you know the pair of them

Went looking around for the wrench

Then the can said, “Hey, anyone seen my lid?”

And the wall just stood there silently