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Round And Round She Goes

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Here We Go Again

Nothing changes much from yesterday

We get up and try to do a few things around the house

Then work comes calling like a young man after his girl to be

Waiting and waiting

Knowing eventually we will give in

Today looks like a beautiful day

At least what I can see of it out my kitchen window

My wife says the sun is coming out again

I said where I don't see it

It just went in again behind the clouds

We talk about life

The latest joke or funny picture on the phone

On the sad side

Update and news about the Covid -19 developments

More cases more deaths

What a crazy world we live in

One minute you can be enjoying yourself

The next minute you can be fighting for your life

My wife has to remind me not to lose track of time

I know as I type frantically on the computer

Trying to get the last word in

I am so fortunate my wife made me lunch

Each forkful of green leafy salad emptying into my mouth

Dripping with Italian dressing

The hot buttered corn resting on the plate

A turkey sandwich begging to be eaten next

As I type away

Saving me just a little more time on each end

We are a great team

I washed up the dirty dishes

Drove to the dump

To get rid of our weeks garbage

No time to read or watch any t.v.

I get ready to leave

Making sure I have what I need

Once on the road

No time to turn around and go back

Current day dreams keep repeating

Soon I will be able to do more

Making home everything I want it to be

My wife checks up on me

Are you eating babe?

Yes, I am done

Thank you

I am going now

Have an enormously wonderful day