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Roses and Memories~ a Blitz Poem

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.

Inspiration Behind Writing This Poem

A few days ago a very good and caring friend and a wonderful poet, John Hansen published a hub named Clouds are Forever~ a Blitz Poem. In his article, he introduced a new form of poetry that is called 'Blitz Poem'. John tells us that he was inspired to write a Blitz poem after reading Veronica McDonald's recent article titled 'Poetry Exercise: Write a Blitz Poem.'

He says that Veronica tells that Robert Keim was the first person to compose a Blitz-style poem. It's a simple form that's enjoyable to write. The recommendation for a Blitz poem is that it must have 50 lines, be written in short or cliche phrases, and have no rhyme scheme or syllable limitations.

For me, It is a totally new style of writing poetry and has piqued my interest. John also encouraged his fellow authors to try to exercise this new form of poetry. So here I tried to give it a go. I hope John and everyone else who will read it will enjoy it.

Roses are not just the epitome of beauty, but they also symbolize love, resilience, and so much more.

Roses And Memories

Valentine's Day has arrived

Valentine's Day brings Roses

Roses are red

Roses are Blue

Blue is the sky

Blue is spiritual

Spiritual as love

Spiritual is pure

Pure is white

Pure is the heart

Heart is innocent

Heart carries the pain

Pain is disturbing

Pain of Love

Love is heaven

Love is all

All are loving creatures

All for none

None for all

None were at home

Home is serene

Home is feeling

Feeling is strange

Feeling is mutual

Mutual means reciprocal

Mutual is Society

Society is essential

Society gives respect

Respect must be earned

Respect is everything

Everything to breathe

Everything to live

Live for Love

Live for family

Family is love

Family is the compass

Compass that, guides

Compass to a great height

Height an inspiration

Height of honor

Honor is a great achievement

Honor brings happiness

Happiness is helping others

Happiness is peace

Peace in worship

Peace in tender memories

Memories of you

Memories of Love


You. . .

“A rose’s rarest essence lives in the thorn”

— – Rumi

© 2022 Misbah Sheikh

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