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Romeo Montague and Rosaline

I am Y.J. Shore and I like to read. Sometimes, I write a little.

Rosaline and Her Poignant ‘Lover’: Romeo

A white rose shimmers against the night sky,

Oh Aphrodite, what a mockery!

Fulfilling the act of a foe rather an ally,

like Eris, the Goddess of roguery;

Faltering my forlorn fortune, oh!

With the blessed yet cursed arrow of Eros,

Love coursing in me like a tender rose;

My heart wanting this bittersweet love dose,

Ah, alas, the heaven laughs at my stars;

For Rosaline follows Hestia’s stride,

My heart bearing unfathomable scars,

Oh, how I wish she was my blushing bride!

Goddess of love, charm her heart with your girdle

for I will die from unrequited burden.

Romeo Montague

Romeo Montague

© 2021 Y J Shore

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