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Romantic Empaths Solitude

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I feel too much for the world, and I feel too much for you.

By you I mean anyone.

Anyone I choose to bare my soul to, seek to know.

I seek to know you because I care.

Care about your individuality as a human that breaths life.

Your existence has become a matter to me.

It keeps me up in the middle of the night wondering if there is something wrong with me for caring so deeply?

To care so much about someone I only have the potential to get to know?

Do I simply feel too much?

An old soul perhaps..

Often alone and misunderstood.

For she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders and cries herself to sleep at night.

She only wants to know, and feel what it is to be loved as deeply as she does for the world.

For everything around her.

Her chest burns and aches with the silent cries of,

" I want to be craved. I want to belong. I want my soul to see a familiar face."

What is this feeling?

A yearn for love? Or a yearn to be seen?...

I think simply. It is a yearn for a connection.

One that is pure.

© 2022 Tamara

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