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Romantic Bliss Crash and Burn

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Here comes the hangover after a two day high

Let's rephrase what it means in realistic terms

A natural feeling of joy and pleasure without aid

Of any legal or illegal substances of any kind

No need to camouflage that loving feeling

Obtained from a partner who truly gets me

Sadly, the temporary bubble burst 20 minutes ago

Exploded and deflated over the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean

Depending on which coast you've landed on

Given your preference or frequent flyer miles can allow

Disappearing into the abyss of ice cold watery grave

Sounded tragic in some optimistic greeting card circles

But it'll return once the weekend delight arrived with a vengeance

Hopefully, I'll be able to control my excitement for at least

The first five minutes to an hour of your arrival

Don't want to spook the natives or tourists for that matter

Can't help it sometimes with my enthusiasm

Just like a groupie minus the stalker like tendencies

And diluted fantasies from an alternative dimension

That couldn't exist in the real world, or even on MTV for that matter

Always laugh at the individuals who faint at the object of their devotion

Never understood the need to get that lightheaded over anything

Like their head and equilibrium can't take the excitement

Decided to plant both feet in good old fashioned terra firma

Getting dirt and gravel under each heel in the process

Not letting the obsessiveness get me down either way

Never been one to go half-baked when it comes to emotional tidal waves

This time drowning under the weight of too much realism

And boy, does it feel like getting kicked in the head by a horse.

Got the marks and hospital bills to prove it

Time to find a way to balance life, love and reality

Still struggling to stand straight on the seesaw

Tilting too much on the left and the right

Depending which way the wind blew

Ready for some less stormy weather

Where motion sickness pills not needed

In the meantime, keeping them on hand until the tide turns in my favor

Whenever that may be.

Time to find balance on the impossible.

Time to find balance on the impossible.

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