"Rolls of Thunder"

Updated on October 5, 2019
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Poetry fills a large portion of my life beginning with childhood. Writing is a creative venue and lifelong enjoyment for me.

Rolls of Thunder Poem

When from far away, faint voices of thunder come ever closer, roll upon roll, when finally upon me it unfolds, with shaking of ground it overwhelms and finally I see I must stand my ground, and face its approach, or give way and find somewhere to flee until its loudness subsides and disappears.

Some say its the gods, while other say it IS God. If so, his voice is loud, and shakes the land, it's as if to say, I AM HERE! You can't run and you can't flee; Here I am child, surely you must see me! Before the ages I was, I am, I shout aloud through heavens voice, Since before time was, I AM!.

Whether it rains, or lightning strikes, I am no more impressed than when roll upon roll, that thundering voice is loud. It shakes the foundations of which mankind is made, and as closer it comes, the walls are so thin, it seems the noise is within, unless made of stones, and fainter sound, the thunder is still destined to roll. It sometimes claps, but the most impressive to me is the never ending consistent roll. It doesn't stop to even catch its breath, from the distant hills and world beyond, it speaks its power, its terrible force, Is it God speaking to me, to you, with its vibrating voice?

The children so scared run in from their play, to hide behind mom, or dad if she's away. The thoughts in their minds, is it really real, there is something bigger than me, than man's feeble hands? Roll of thunder, deep and wide, across the mountains and across the sky, prove the might and the power of God, He's alive, he speaks and his voice above is unshakable, mighty and proud!

Roll after roll, deep and loud, unmistakable, Heavens host declares, the power of creation, the fragile state of man, here its seems but moments, but on a journey to worlds beyond. Think not this is all, for so great is He, that he designed us a home out there beyond the blue. Boom of thunder, a language that all understand, he has our number, and our existence in his hand.

Want more in life? Then stop and pray, for a deeper understanding of those skies of grey.. Gods delight in the worlds great forces, speaks his will and his thundering voices.. Get it right little one, for the end is coming, through either death of body, or of my catching you away.. Be not frightened unless you rebel, for Faithful is the one who is coming for me. Roll on the thunder, teach the fear of God, its the way I know which way to turn, to hear His voice and his protection of me.

When the clouds turn dark, then rumble and roll, you know Hes there, and His story be told. His love is so big, and so encompassing that he warns us with earth shaking voices. How then can I refuse, to cover myself with His oceans of love, and let the rivers of life have their way with me. God is my savior, and I listen to him, and I sing and pray, every time the thunder of heaven rolls..

The rain washes clean the filth of man, his unclean thoughts and imaginations. If you translate what he wants you to hear in the outpouring of the storms, you will search deep and open your heart. Lest lightning strike, a prayer should be made, to the King of Kings, ancient of days.. Waters from above, waters from below, outmatched by the river of life from whence salvation flows..

Endless time, endless days? Beginning and end, are in his hands.. think not as one who can change his ways, for eternal as time, endless as the ocean, as many as the sands and as steady as the seas, endless of time and eternity. We might be small, but great in his eyes, and our ears the intended for those thunderous rolls, of his great voice..

August 1, 2018



© 2018 Oscar Jones


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