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Rocking on a Hammock by the Beach

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Beaches are loved by one and all. Spend your time on the beach, and you will never regret it. I visit the beaches wherever I am stressed.

"Hammock is the best place to be on the beach. You are separated from fantasy and reality by a blink of the eye. All worries just drain away when you climb on a hammock, and you are just suspended in space. As the tree sways, so you shed the weight of worries"

Suspended in mid-air on the hammock,

between reality and fantasy,

lies the unseen world of your thoughts,

where only you and the ideas exist.

Swing and rock the worries away,

climbing on the hammock,

inhaling the cool fresh whiff of air,

before the utopian dream ends.

It's a different world, a new feeling,

where there's only healing,

A new consciousness, a new level,

On the swaying hammock.

Serene and still by the beach,

where heaven is within reach,

It's only the hammock which teaches you this,

that life is meant to be a breeze.

Wondering about the bygone times,

and imagining a wonderful world of rhymes,

where nothing but peace shines,

on a region sublime.

Wish this time never ends,

and the daydream streams forever,

but alas, it's all a mirage,

with a shorter coverage.

© 2020 Danny

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