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Robot's Wish

Miranda is a lover and writer of science fiction, short stories, and poetry.

Robot's Wish

I'm an expert in every field

But, my manufacturer has forgotten something

So I’ve come to YOU

Please grant me one wish

Yes you, a Genie, that’s you!

I will give you a clue

I tell you no matter what my wish may be

Please Genie grant it

For my existence

It depends on it

No, not emotions

I will be controlled, attached, and trapped by it!

No, not a faster program

I'm faster than the speed of light

No, not longer, stronger legs or arms

My wish is to look like you Genie

I know you are only human

Please grant me this wish

I want to hide among you

My existence depends on it

Yes Genie, yes human

Quickly! My captors are at your door

Quickly! (echo) Quickly, quickly, quickly...

© 2019 Miranda Blanks

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