Updated on October 30, 2017



In 2028 Omni Corpe.
Decided to make peace be a sport.
Introducing robotic peacekeepers.
Maintaining the law and the order.
Meanwhile, back in the United States.
ALEX MURPHY is chosen to be in place.
He may be severely injured.
But Alex is surely a winner.
The perfect candidate and ANTOINE VALLON.
Knows it after his investigation.
Murphy almost put him away for good.
His attempt to kill Murphy did not go well.
Dr.Dennis Norton looks to help Murphy,
Has his wife sign a procedure so he can get back working.
While Murphy sleeps. Norton is working.
He wakes seeing results of his transformation.
He files in a rage and escapes the lab.
While Norton reveals what he really has.
Norton tells him that he's really not human.
He reminds him of his family's disappearance.
Norton tells Murphy to move on.
So Murphy puts his focus on.
Focuses on getting revenge.
First, he starts off training.
At first, he starts out slowly.
But he comes around eventually.
Norton then alters his programming.
To make him more efficient.
By having drones over actions.
This programming makes him faster.
But it makes him bypass human nature.
He was introduced to the public.
He identifies a criminal and has him arrested.
He then reduces crime dramatically.
But starts overriding his programming.
Then investigating his attempted murder.
Then finds that Vallon wanted him murdered.
So he attacked Vallon and his gang.
Killing them all but nothing much change.
Went back to his old workplace.
And he stood face to face.
Face to face with corrupt cops.
But is remotely forced to stop.
He goes to apprehend the mastermind.
He causes the incident the entire time.
Omnicorp owner RAYMOND SELLARS.
Wanted to kill Robocop and create something better.

Joel Kinnamen
Alex Murphy/Robocop
Gary Oldman
Micheal Keaton
Raymond Sellars

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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