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Road to Somewhere but Nowhere

Ram Di Mitr is legally qualified and is an ADR consultant. She loves to write poems and been writing since 15 years old.

a small path in the forest

a small path in the forest

A long road before me, a long road ahead of me

A journey whatever you make of it

Some call it life, some call it living

Some fast and some slow

Wondering where this road goes

The walk feels so long

Wish I knew where it is going

Wish I knew if the path is not wrong

Along this road meeting so many

Some colourful, some clueless as me

With careful feet touching the ground

Some just fades into the dawn

It is amusing and confusing

these people I meet along

do they know the way and where its leading

or they are still finding the song

This path that feels so straight

But straight it really is not

I have been walking as straight as can be

But the path just loops forever that be

It feels so familiar

I keep coming back here

The smell, colours and atmosphere

It feels I have been just near

Then sometimes the road branches too many

I see people, righteous, spiritual and gentle

Carrying boards showing the right path they say

But I wonder if there is a way

If there is such a path, would it not just be one way

its amusing and confusing

If it really is the only way

why noble men stopped right away

at the beginning of the pathway

in need of followers

promise of heavens in faraway

am I lost amidst disarray

Now where do I turn I say?

Ask your inner self they say

Belief in the voice

the only voice, one voice, your voice

Is it my voice, their voice, nature’s voice

My parent’s voice, my teachers' voice, my friends' voice

Wait a moment! so much noise

Did I really have a voice, my voice!

Where it flows

Where it flows

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