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River of Respiration

Fire and Water

Fire and Water

The place of inspiration for me,

Is at the river of respiration,

It is where I go to breathe,

I sit quietly here at the waters

Where I patiently for the fire wait,

The fire is in the wind which blows,

With the wind comes new breath,

Everyday and in every way,

To inhale and to exhale,

To form all of my expression,

By impressions of something revealed.

Breathe in and out,

Voice must be signified,

Its output dignified,

Oh! how I am learning to value breath

Breath so like spirit gives energy

Can I distinguish betwixt,

At this river where I respire,

I feel and understand

what it means to be free

An altar,

Mine is a river full of water,

Likened really to fire

Breath like water,

I drink through the same port,

Fire and water, at the river where I respire,

Water clear and pure,

I can understand how baptism symbolizes,

A cleansing of spirit and soul,

Would need the river for expression to emerge,

How breath gives way to voice

Needed to cleanse and purify oneself

By repenting as the daily part of my devotion.

Springing forth towards life

Both mortal and eternal

At the river of respiration,

Where breath translates into

Father, I repent of all that is offensive to You.

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