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Risk It All For You

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She's a woman who dreams to be pursued, love and be clinged on.


I was willing to risk everything in you,
We bacame distant, questioning if everything was true.
From this view,
The pain started to grew.

It wasn't new,

That I wasn't pursued.

You made me feel blue,

Keeping the things away from a few.

Dealing with the pain,

But healing is not yet on the way.

From the pain that I gained,
Feelings are unexplained.

Risking, commiting and working out,

I'd do everything without doubt.

The pain was so loud,
I was getting drowned.
I am proud,

I found you in the crowd.

But now...

I'm on the ground.

Sunsets are setting,

As we are ending,

I am also forgetting and letting us go.

If that's what will help us grow.

As I finally accept,

the reasons to forget,

I'll let you go without regret.

But right now,

I don't feel like I'm ready yet.

© 2022 Yara