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Rise and Downfall of Love

A four-part poetry about wishing for love to come, exploring the wonders of love, and feeling the pain of the love you wished for can give.


Dear someone
When will I see you
Or at least know your name?
When can I let you rest your head
On my shoulders inside the train?
Or walk with you
While holding your hand?

Dear you,
Meet me now
Don't bring any present
What I want is your presence.

Got some chocolates here
Some flowers and few songs
I'll give them all to you
And my heart will be yours
Just let me know you.


What was it
I can't explain
Just a touch of your hand
I've lost my lane.
How did you know
I'm feeling blue
With all this emptiness I feel
You just know what to do.
Looking at the skies
Visualizing your lovely face
Can't help but smile
My heart's on a race.
Girl, stay by my side
Join me so I won't have to hide
This love I feel for you
I hope you'll feel for me, too.


The night's gonna be sealed
It's time to rest and sleep
But before you close those eyes
There are things you must keep.

The memories of today
Such that made you laugh and smile
May they shine like the moon above
Enough to make this day worthwhile.

Good night
Have a sound sleep.
As the old folks say
Tomorrow is another day.


I was there with you
When you're down
When finally on top
I was left on the ground.

We were so close, I think
But that didn't matter
Because you only knew me
When you were alone and unhappy.

I was your greatest fan
And I loved you truly
But that foolish love made me
Forget myself fully.

I might not be able to erase you
But I surely can let go
Of you and the love I felt
And start living for, and loving my self.