When Happiness is Lost

Updated on October 28, 2017
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I am no poet, just a thrower of words. Still wandering what's life and why and how did I end up here?

Rhyme Scheme [abab]

When happiness is lost, ah, dreadful times

Every pence of time spends at dire rate

The smile fades, hearts are pain rhymes

How brutal life is? Then comes the creepy wait

Efforts are out of bound, yet no taste of luck

Zeal is redundant, yet no feel of one’s worth

What’s wrong- who am I? A genius or a schmuck

Photons of hardship glow on in the life’s birth

Am I a Maths question? Or an unsolved integration?

These tiny spores of meat I found everywhere, loathsome

The fret is high, the heart sinks, ah to heck with expectation

Satan moves free in spirit as people everywhere troublesome

One night the answer from heavens shines like a lovely neuron

It is you! Who you fear. Satan is within, never gone or in disguise

Times shackle in sleep, guidance in slumber for an eternal forlorn

One must rise to fall, and fall to rise,that’s the failure's real demise

© 2017 Kashif Ali Abbas


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    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 6 months ago from Australia

      I wasn't sure...are you speaking about yourself? You are the genius? Or the Schmuck?

      I liken evil with a form of unconsciousness-someone who "just doesn't get it" in any shape or form, so there can be no expectation or reasoning to obtain a different outcome in behaviour. So then? They still need to be held accountable however on terms where "they get it" .

      People that surround you day in and day out together with your surrounding environment that greets you every morning and everyday has a huge influence over you. Sometimes some of us can change that strata of living. Sometimes we can't. I believe most people are the doing the best they can with what they know, with what they have.

    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 6 months ago

      A kind of creepy read here, but there is some truth to it, too. You made me stop and think.