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Rise and Shine Sleepy Head

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I Have Heard That Line Many Times In My Life

Some people stay up really late

So it is almost impossible to wake them up

I get it

Not in my case

I just love sleep

Always have and always will

Some children fight sleep and stay up as long as they can

I was the opposite

Time for bed

Goodnight and see you in the morning

When I was really small

I picked up a habit of rocking my head back and forth

I would sing myself to sleep

When I finally got tired

Off I went

It wasn't till years later when I finally stopped

Now I am lucky if I get five hours of sleep a night

Busy with all the things we have to do

Trying to squeeze in every last minute to every day

I work nights and that is a challenge for a lot of people

They like to go to bed early and get up early

Now I go to bed late and get up early

I can sleep day or night

If I am sick I toss and turn

I usually sleep more

Time to get up

Sleep we will have to leave for another day

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