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Ringing Church Bells

Do You Ever Take A Walk Into Hard Times, And Feel Your Deep In Quick Sand? Christ Is With You. "The Trinity Walk" It Is A Blessed Walk.~


I Fall On My Knees In


Needing Forgiveness

And Craving I'm Craving

The Knowledge Of God

I Beg And Plead And Pray


Please I Am So Hungry

I Need To Touch


I Need To Feel


I Want To Hold


A Priest On The Pulpit


Feels My Entire Being

Fed I Want And Need

Love I Want And Need

Love Please Do Not

Abandoned Me

I Can Not Survive

Without Love

The Priest Sermon

Takes Me Into A Deep

World Of Depression

And Frustration Of


His Sermon Was Dry

With No True Meaning

Of Christ Love

For The World

The Priest Was

As Though

A Puppet On The Pulpit

Reading Word For Word

Out Of A Book

With No Feelings Of


Where Was The Love

And Compassion

I Ask?

I Felt None

The Faces In The

Church Pews

Looked Emotional Less

Just Images Of Death

Of Their Spirits

No Smiles Of Joy Or

Expression Of Peace And


On Their Faces

I Cried In Deep Pain

And Sorrow

A Flood Gate Of

Tear Drops Filled

My Entire Being

Was I Allowed

By The Lord

To Slip

Into The Chambers

Of Death?

And Cold Silence

That Fills The Air

Save Me Please

Lord Jesus Christ

From This Cold World