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Righteousness Rising

To homes of minds confusing
The forces of change keep coming
The past no longer comforting
Their dark secrets now revealing

An old way of life ignoring
The horrors of man crawling
Underneath power unrelenting
In their yards crosses burning

Give me penance preaching
A childhood now remembering
Stars and bars always waving
Bruised cheeks no longer turning

Hoses spraying and dogs barking
Unleashed minds becoming
Outraged at Mississippi burning
No matter the many years passing

In the age of mankind evolving
Their souls are finally exploding
The time of liberation crossing
Rivers that were once dividing

You asked what is their wanting
In the time of mankind's reckoning
How will their roots begin flowering?
When their garden we begin watering

But upon water no one walking
Only sermon mountains drowning
No matter politicians rendering
Only the heart knows true loving

In minds never forgetting
Legacy is not about accepting
Only God can truly be forgiving
What is it you were expecting?

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