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Riding the Life-sized Seesaw of Familial Love

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Our relationship was a complex one at best

A combination of love, silliness and conflict

Always told that I was more like my mother

Inherited my stubbornness and temper from you

Sometimes we cut each other a little to the quick

With vinegar laced words meant to slightly wound

That caused more damage than intended

Occasionally, on purpose and otherwise accidentally

Drama often eradicated by the next day

Like it was a bad dream that we suddenly woke up from

And quickly forgot it ever existed in the first place

Affectionate when needed and usually silly for most part

Can't remember names to save his life

Conversations evolved into a family version of Charades

To understand the point or narrative he was going with

Might even forget mine at one point

Though he'll remember every embarrassing thing ever said

Or done by my mother and myself

Largely affected by a scene towards the end in Harry & Son

When the son in question dealt with the loss of his father

Pain and devastation of losing someone you loved

Even when the relationship was very complicated

Struck a nerve that was always hidden, but there regardless

Hard to fathom a day when you won't be there

Inevitable; still difficult to fathom sometimes

Telling me that I put too much hair spray in my hair

Forgetting tact when giving advice on certain matters

A bull lost in an endless maze of a china shop

Good intentions often there; just got lost in translation

Dancing like Baryshnikov in the kitchen to the music

After hearing that he was excused from jury duty

Being an utter goofball in the morning making breakfast

No one I'd rather be called for jury duty with

As we doubly cringe at the idea of fulfilling our civic duty together

Will more than likely give him a hug our next visit

Because no matter how much he drives me crazy

I still love that miserably persistent Goofy in the flesh.

Watch out if that bull decides to enter!

Watch out if that bull decides to enter!

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