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Riding Along - A Poem

Rinita is a creative writer, with focus on poetry. She delves into several forms including Haiku/Senryu, Sonnets, Free Verse, and Prose.

The Poem

A faraway voice summons me
Enticing to accost my destiny

Reveling stars are worth the pain
Darkness befalls without the gain

I know not what path to traverse
Future’s lane or memories reverse

The guiding voices are fading out
Escaping the clutches, they all pout

I’m riding alone through the lonely forest
Green and warm exterior, but barren zest

A streak or two of a sole ray
Riding along, to find the way

Surviving beyond the filthy line
Rising above, they still weep and pine

I ride along, in sheer contempt
Brisk palms, my hair unkempt

They say the rainbow never dies
I’m all set to refute all their lies

The Explanation

The protagonist may be considered as a person who is a constant rider. She travels through time, across boundaries, crossing high mountains, running rivers, barren deserts, and dense forests, with only one vision, one aim, one goal. Her goal is to find the truth of her existence, the meaning and purpose of her life, and the rewards of her pain.

The poem begins with the protagonist listening to a voice that calls her from a great distance, a voice that urges her forward, a voice that may be either considered to be a voice from the heaven, or thought of as the voice of her inner soul. Either way, she decides to listen to this voice, feels connected with it, and in the warmth of the oneness of the voice with her mind and soul, proceeds toward the tiresome yet remarkable journey. She knows this journey is a beautiful design carved by her destiny, and to this destiny she bows, and begins to ride.

She rides in pain and joy, in love and betrayal, in happiness and sorrow, and hopes all the trouble is going to be worth something in the end. She hopes the stars will bask in her triumph, when they realize she rode through the darkest of paths. She knows she has to go on, yet pauses to ponder over her memories, and while dwelling on the confusion between her past and her future, she falters briefly. For that moment, all seems lost, paths seem intertwined, the voices that were guiding her seem far away, and she feels numb from her indecisiveness.

Yet she goes on, now with a heavy heart, and a slight loss of enthusiasm. The forest she rides through welcomes her with inviting arms, but she feels miserable about leaving the warmth of mediocrity behind. Just then, a tiny ray of hope penetrates her dense forest of thoughts, and she sets forth again, putting her best foot forward, and struggling hard to rise above petty mental illusions. Thus she sets off again, her thoughts begin to call her back, they weep for her to listen and turn back, but she is determined not to look back now that she has found the path again. She calls out to the universe, as she rides along, and vows to prove all those things wrong that have mistakenly been carried over in human minds generation after generation. Thus she continues her journey, in search of the ultimate truth of her life.

© 2011 Rinita Sen

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