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Ride a Rocket to Knowledge: Poem

Audrey's quest for knowledge is addictive. As Einstein said, "The more I learn the more I realize I don't know."

Learning a Thing or Two From Leonardo da Vinci

"Art is never finished, only abandoned."  Leonardo da Vinci

"Art is never finished, only abandoned." Leonardo da Vinci

What I Know For Sure

When we entered this life we did so without an instruction manual. That leaves us with two choices for learning what we need to learn; tapping into our internal resources or learning from external sources. This can be quite a dilemma and we make lots of mistakes along the way...or at least I have.

Some people choose to sleepwalk through life while others seek knowledge to help along the way.

Knowledge can be a constant lamp that enlightens our lives, protecting us from ignorance and darkness. As we embark on a daily path to learn, new adventures await us. Its our curiosity that stirs our embers for learning: Who, How, When, Where and Why?

Once we learn something, no one, not one person, can take it away from us. I believe that knowledge is the most precious gift anyone can possess. Our function is to be a vehicle for creativity and creation because we are the very essence of knowledge.

This much I do know…(borrowing from Einstein) "The more I learn, the less I realize I know." This, alone, is enough to keep me seeking more and more knowledge.

Ride a Rocket to Knowledge

Ride a rocket to knowledge

Seek and ye shall find

Greater power within you

Fills the hungry mind

Embrace a rocket to knowledge

Help others find their way

Learn the art of living

Spread love throughout the day

Restore your soul with knowledge

Energize your heart

Learning to discover

The path to your own art

It can’t be taken from you

Each nugget clothed in gold

The smallest words of wisdom

Are riches to behold

Pursue the path of wisdom

To help you find your way

Knowledge is the fuel for life

To guide you day by day

Ride a rocket to knowledge

Look beyond to see

All that lies before you

All that you can be.

Knowledge is life with wings.

William Blake

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.


© 2020 Audrey Hunt


Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on May 24, 2020:

Hi Patricia

Learning something new every day makes this life exciting! I agree with you 100%. Recently, I started a new hobby painting "kindness rocks" and hide them throughout our mountain community. So much fun and a super stress reliever.

Thank you and keep sending those angels my way.



Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on May 12, 2020:

Absolutely true!! So much to discover and learn...so little time. It is exciting to me to discover something and learn it, make it my own. Angels are headed your way this morning. ps

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on April 04, 2020:


Thank you for reading my poem. I'm filled with gratitude for your kind support. Blessings of peace and love to you.


As we go through each difficult day, living in isolation, seeking knowledge helps to pass the time as well as giving us an opportunity to grow. I'm grateful for the resources available to us and intend to use them.

Thank you, dear Chris, for your comments and your support. I wish you well and hope you stay safe.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on March 26, 2020:


Thank you for sharing my poetry on your Facebook page. I appreciate this kind gesture.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 25, 2020:


I shared this one too.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on March 16, 2020:


I agree with you. Knowledge is power and how fortunate we are to have so much information at our fingertips.

Thank you

Dear Sha

You and I are sharing the same ride. Isn't it the most wonderful of all gifts...the hunger and quest to know more? As we seek after wisdom we are constantly reminded of how little we really know. Humbling indeed!

Thank you, my friend, and stay well during these critical times.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on February 21, 2020:

This is a wonderful poem.

"Knowledge is the fuel for life

To guide you day by day"

This is so true.

Thanks for sharing.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on February 20, 2020:


Yes, my friend, I'm right there with you. Knowledge is such a marvelous, miraculous gift and it's completely free.

Thank you


When I found this video, "The Wisdom of Geese" I just had to include it here. So much to learn and so little time. You are an incredible being!


Thank you for being here and for your appreciation of my work. You're following the right person when you tag along with Mar.


You're on the right track! Making the most of all our senses gives us balance. So nice to read your comments.


Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on February 18, 2020:


We do need to laugh at ourselves more often, especially when we do something stupid or even make mistakes. So glad to learn that I'm not the only one who does this...good for you. It's healthy!

Einstein's quote is one of my favorites as it shows a degree of humility and without humility we really aren't teachable.

Thank you so much and enjoy the moment!

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on February 17, 2020:


Learning never stops. I like this! You certainly paid your dues with all the schooling involved to become an R.N. Good for you. Thank you, my friend, for your support


Thank you for being here and for reading my poem. I hope to see you again.


Yes, indeed, learning something new is truly fascinating. I seem to be more curious as I age. Wonder what that's about? Thanks so much!

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on February 17, 2020:


I apologize for the long delay in replying. I've put everything on hold to finish the final chapter in my book. (I know you don't mind:)) As for documentaries, I'm a huge fan too!

Back to my book, and thanks.




How wonderful to know that you like my poetry. It's a gift I inherited from my father...God bless him.

Thank you. You have such a great heart!


After all these years of living and experiencing so many challenges, I've come to realize the most important growth comes through constant learning. I wish I had more time...more years.

Thank you.

Chris Mills from Traverse City, MI on February 16, 2020:

I love this poem and how you challenge us to add to our knowledge continually. I find that as a writer, I am constantly researching. I learn something new every day. Also, as I read here on HP, I find important information because my fellow hubbers freely share what they have learned. Thank you for the poem about such a practical side of life.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on February 11, 2020:


Where do I find your series " Boy Teacher and Father student "? Would love to check this out. We also had a set of Encyclopedias in our home and they got quite a work out.

I just love your "Stop learning and start dying."

Thank you.

Rochelle Ann De Zoysa from Moratuwa, Sri Lanka on February 06, 2020:

Beautiful and interesting :) I learn something new from your writings :) God bless you!!

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on February 05, 2020:

Knowledge is power and I don't know anyone who does not wish to be powerful. A motivating write.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on February 05, 2020:


Thanks for your wonderful support. I'm with you...the older I get, the less I know. Take care.


Non-fiction has always seemed to call to me. I do read fiction, but not very often. Isn't it exciting to learn something new? I love it and I can tell that you do too. Thank you, my friend.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on February 03, 2020:

I try to expand my mind and my knowledge through other senses each day. I am still far from developing just a tenth of my possibility but I can say I'm growing and happy to be.

Verlie Burroughs from Canada on February 02, 2020:

Audrey this is truly an inspirational poem and video. I'm happy I found it. I've been following Mar around this evening, she always knows where to find the good stuff.

Maria Jordan from Jeffersonville PA on February 02, 2020:

Whimsical and wise words, dear Audrey.

We surely can learn a lot from geese.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on January 31, 2020:


Thank you for being here and I appreciate your comments very much. Stay well and be happy, my friend.


Your comments say it all! Knowledge is such a precious gift and with the internet, we have access to free knowledge. Wonderful!

Thank you, my friend.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on January 31, 2020:

Audrey, I think that I am still alive because I have something more to learn. I applaud for the sentiments in your poem.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on January 30, 2020:

Thanks, Liz for taking the time to read my poetry. Your support is so very appreciated. I wish you all good in all things.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on January 30, 2020:

Hello Hari

Thank you for being here. I appreciate your reading my poetry. Blessings.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on January 30, 2020:


I'm glad you liked the idea for my poem. I'm like you...curious and I get so excited when I learn something new. At this time, I'm studying our solar system and love touring the starry night sky.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 28, 2020:

Right on! Having a child in later age is funtastic. Wow there is so much to learn through and by a child. I would hope that my series Boy Teacher and Father student evokes that ever present wonderment desire to learn. We had two sets of encyclodedia in our home growing up.

Stop learning and start dying.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on January 28, 2020:

Audrey, your introduction is as poetic as your "Ride to Knowledge". Several lines really struck me:

1. "Some people choose to sleepwalk through life while others seek knowledge to help along the way." Ain't that the truth!

2. "Knowledge can be a constant lamp that enlightens our lives, protecting us from ignorance and darkness." Very profound!

3. "Our function is to be a vehicle for creativity and creation because we are the very essence of knowledge." What a revelation! Each of us holds the key.

Your poem is very uplifting, Audrey. May we always keep learning and hungering for knowledge until we take our last breath.

Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on January 28, 2020:

Einstein's quote is one of my favorites of all time. "The more I learn, the less I realize I know." This is sooo true. And I liked your poem, Audrey. For me, one of the clues to inner knowledge was the time I had my first laugh -- at myself. It was freeing, and helped me to open up to one of my favorite words: Possibilities. And the fact that the more we learn, the more we realize how all things exist in relationship. :-)

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on January 27, 2020:

Learning about new things is fascinating. I like the thought of riding a rocket to knowledge very much! Thank you for sharing an inspirational article and poem, Audrey.

Anya Ali from Rabwah, Pakistan on January 27, 2020:

Good message! Thank you.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on January 27, 2020:

I remember well the time I spent in training to become a RN, it felt like a rocket ride, learning something new, storing it away, on to the next adventure. For me, learning never stops. I took my second computer class about a month ago. Now, if I could just learn about a smart phone. I bought one and swiped so hard the phone practically disappeared. lol I like how you used a rocket to connect to learning in your poem. Well done Audrey.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on January 27, 2020:

Thank you, John. I wanted the message to come through and you' ve confirmed that it did. I'm so happy. Thanks.


I'm so glad you responded to my little poem. Thanks so much for your comments.


I totally agree with you. I pass on what I've learned to my grandchildren in the hopes that someday these tidbits of knowledge might come in handy. Thank you.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on January 27, 2020:

Age does not diminish curiosity, in fact, for those who like to learn, it offers the gift of time. Your poem says much in a crystallization of words. Well done, Audrey!

manatita44 from london on January 27, 2020:

Yes, birds know the ancient art of leadership and they also represent the freedom of the soul.

Your poetry is awesome! Why don't you write more? It is the kind of rhyme I like to see: simple, yet profound. An exquisite piece and the second line in your first stanza goes like this in Sri Chinmoy's philosophy:

"Aspiration is the beginning and the end of the journey." -Sri Chinmoy

Much Love, Audrey.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on January 27, 2020:

I love documentaries on tv....I now love nonfiction books...my curiosity increases with my age, and I consider that a good thing. Love the message here, dear friend.



Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on January 27, 2020:

I have found as I age I realize I still have so much to learn and I am curious about many things. I do a lot of reading non-fiction these days just for that reason.

I really like you poetry and the article overall. Have a great week Audrey.

Diana L Pierce from Potter County, Pa. on January 27, 2020:

I love the way this poem flows. The message is something we all can embrace. The older I get the less I know.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on January 27, 2020:

Hi Audrey I always say, ''Knowledge is Power.'' Without knowledge you will get nowhere. No matter what you have or how much of whatever you have knowledge rules.Learning never stops! Your poem say it all. Knowledge we have is something precious and a skill.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on January 27, 2020:

A thoughtful poem, well expressed. Loved your poem.

I agree, knowledge is the biggest asset, one can have. There is no end to what we can learn, and how much still remains to be learnt. And, you are right that nobody can take it away from us. Knowledge should be shared with others.

Thanks for sharing this inspiring article.

Liz Westwood from UK on January 27, 2020:

This is a great poem about our quest for knowledge and the enquiring mind.

Hari Prasad S from Bangalore on January 27, 2020:

To know is to flow with the times course.

Audrey your poem is very inspirational.

Mary Wickison from Brazil on January 27, 2020:

I love this. Learning is a lifelong process I believe. I can't imagine not being curious. Most days are filled with at least one, 'Well I didn't know that'. or a 'how fascinating'.

Wonderful idea for a poem.

Lorna Lamon on January 27, 2020:

A wonderful message Audrey told so eloquently in your poem. I have always had a thirst for knowledge, and I believe that to pass on to others the benefit of our own knowledge is like passing on a gift. Great article.

FlourishAnyway from USA on January 27, 2020:

You are a natural poet. Beautifully done.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 26, 2020:

What a wonderfully rhythmic poem with an important message. I love it Audrey.

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