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Riddle of Time

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Time is one of the most strange and peculiar dimensions in our lives. Science is yet to decipher the beginning of time and probable end of time if at all that exists. There are many theories to explain the beginning of the time and one of the most popular is the big bang event at time zero when this universe was supposed to be created but the obvious question asked by the common people is what was before the big bang event. So explaining time is still an unsolved riddle and continues to remain like that till a logical answer is obtained supported by scientific explanation and data.

Scientific advancements have made it possible to observe the light or electromagnetic radiations coming from the distant stars or heavenly bodies but what we are seeing today is the image of those bodies belonging to an earlier time and because of huge distances we cannot see them as they are today. What it simply means is that we are seeing them as they looked so many years (in fact millions of years) back.

With all those observations the mystery of time deepens further and we are forced to explain it based on some divine methodologies taking help of factors like birth, death, and fate.

Let us see how all this appears in a poetic world.

Riddle of Time

Time is an elusive and strange entity,

Only flows in a forward direction.

We do not have any control on time,

It might be a divine and Godly action.

We are like a speck on the time line,

We perceive time only in small duration.

Our birth and death events are,

Only a matter of divine permission.

No one knows the extent of time line,

It stretches from deep past to distant future.

We all are small dots on that time line,

Whether a human being or any creature.

Time has no known beginning,

Neither has it an end discreet.

Events at different points in time,

Remain isolated and never meet.

Time is the essence of everything,

But nature of time is indeterminate.

Time is the ultimate reality,

And time is actually our fate.

Our lives are fixed intervals,

And every life ends with death.

But the entity time never dies,

And gloriously moves ahead.


© 2022 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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