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Riddle Fate


Puzzled moment in the stare of your eyes

Eyes meet in a distance face stands out in the crowd

Paper planes fly and catch with the same colours

Trying to figure it out what string it will lead to

Angles everywhere but scared to line into

Chair chosen that is next to his shadow

No courage to express and utter words to bloom

Closed arms and crossed legs gestures for both strangers

Will remain as the mystery for unknown

String that will never be connected

But a fallen stone buried deep in the heart

Faded like a star never shine doom in a time

Dimension of different world that will never cross

Only a meaningless stare for each other

Coincidence that remain for a part

Placing feet on the edge to stop

Taking your step in the different way

Knowing the end for both feet

Shadows of each other walking away

As the story that closes itself.

© 2018 josiaharts

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