Rhyming Writing

Updated on April 6, 2018

Sweet dreaming

and no screaming

I wrote these a few lyrics

for the most beautiful girl who reads this

and her likes that very much

Yeah it’s a definitely such

and I enjoy that imagining for you

whose I never hanging to you

lines increases like spring of rivers

and rhymes are so crazy vocables

from “My Name Is“ to “Rap God“

it was big part of long date

That was difficult like fuck math

who hasn’t a logic...they said

patience is a great quality

who brings to you so much virility

more than anything another’s

useful like two strong towers

that hold up together forever

and wait out whatever wherever

That’s why they’re created

so as they don’t look like faded

That is end of this story...don’t worry

I’ll write to you so much lovely

© 2018 Daniel Otruba


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