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Rhymes For Dayz

Just a random rhyme that I wrote. I didn't plan the rhyme scheme , I just wrote whatever came to mind


1+1= 2+1= 3,
Only those who understand how to ride the spiral can see,
Watching 47 circulating solar planets simultaneously collide,
I'm not good at finding things, and my shadows can very well hide,
The moment you find ynourself happily drifting out,
Spiritually and morally shifting to centeredness on the inside that's what everything is all about,
Collect fractal data from Saturn all the way to the moon,
Relevance is relevant intelligence so we capture the rapture our soul's are leaving soon,
The remedy of rhythm is in the souls natural schism ridden by waves, both rses and caves,
When asked to paraphrase the phrase of the break brave and then we turn to slaves,
Hannibal Lector or Hector found the texture to the detector of the sector and find the code to the vecture to venture the lecture, a royal running rat race to take the place of the Repen sqter who needs his denture to cling and sing to Ling Ming and go Bing Bing to make him king but with a broken wing and the peasants ring,
What can he bring other than a sardine lean cuisine to lean on the green screen and they didn't comprehend a thing,
Finding an infinite balance withing Yang and Ying, you
Mentally and sentimentally everything will literally link and sync before a sudden blink,
Sinking over the leaking sink,
You seem stressed, sit down and have a drink,
Or think and take a pill that's colored pink and lose your mind past its security brink,

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