Dumb and Rhymes

Updated on October 25, 2017

Dumb and Dumber


Are kind, goofy and dim-witted.
Roommates and best friends.
In the town of Providence, Rhode Island.
Meanwhile, MARY SWANSON.
Watched kidnappers take her husband
They called and showed her he's still alive.
But without the ransom money, he does.
She decides, then goes on a trip.
Lylod happens to be the driver.
But he falls in love with his rider.
The ransom wanted she transports.
She leaves it in the airport.
Lylod thinks just a briefcase.
He retrieves it & goes to take.
He goes to take it back.
No knowing the fact.
That she's on the plane.
He knows when he sees the plane.
Sees the plane departing.
Llyod runs that way.
But ends up falling off the jetway.
Fired from his job, he goes home.
Learning that he is not alone.
Harry lost his job too.
There they agree on what to do.
They agree to head to Aspen.
To return the briefcase.
The next day they head to the place.
On the way, they met new faces.
New faces and been too many places.
Their mishaps cause Harry to decide to move on.
Llyod goes on and Harry walks home.
But Lloyd later persuades Harry.
To come with him to finish the Journey.
They get to Aspen but couldn't find Mary.
They then realize that briefcase is full of money.
They borrow some for some amenities.
Then they learn that Mary is hosting.
Hosting a gala and they both go.
While there Harry agrees to go skiing.
Not with his friend Lloyd but Mary.
He comes home and tells Lloyd he has a date.
Lloyd goes to a bar and waits.
He finds out that it is a lie.
As Lloyd is mad at Harry.
He goes to confront Mary.
Informing her of the briefcase.
Confessing his love at the same place.
But his love for her means nothing.
The briefcase was money to get back bobby.

Jim Carrey
Jeff Daniels
Laren Hollywood
Mary Swanson

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry met Salley

Save the Day

It was 1986 when Harry Dunne.
Got his chance to go to regular school.
At the same time Llyod Christmas.
He was also accepted.
While on their way to school.
They became the best of fools.
Meanwhile, their corrupt principle collins.
Searches for large endowments.
So he decides to establish.
A fake special needs class.
To swindle a former student out of cash.
Harry and Llyod vow to help.
Not knowing the principle was helping himself.
They sign up people to be in special needs
Kids from different ethnicities.
Jessica Matthews is also a student.
But she is very suspicious.
Suspicious of Principal Collins.
She invites Harry over for information.
Harry thinks it is for other reasons.
Harry transforms because he's feeling.
He's feeling that she flirting with him.
So he turns to Llyod courtship tips.
They secretly went into his office.
They found some well-needed evidence.
The next day, Principle collins.
Found that someone has been in hs office.
The special needs were building a Thanksgiving float.
Instead of building the George Washington float.
They change it to look Principal Collins.
Seeing him as a disgraceful pirate.
Before the parade starts they inform the police.
The police capture them while they steal the money.
They get before getting away.
Harry and Lloyd went and saved the day.

Derek Richardson
Eric Olsten
Rachel Nichols
Eugene Levy
Principle Collins

Dumb and Dumberer Too

He had no kidney

Twenty years after the first.
Lloyd's health condition fell to his worse.
He was admitted to a mental institution.
He has not been right since Mary Swanson.
Harry went to visit him and figured out.
That for years that he was being pranked out.
They laughed about it when they got home.
Where Harry reveals one of his kidneys gone.
So Harry tries getting a Kidney from his parents.
Turns out, he can't. Because he's adopted.
Harry's dad gives him mail that has piled up.
Along with a postcard from his fraid.
Dating all the way back from 1991.
Informing Harry that he has a son.
Harry also had a sister that was given up.
She told her mom to never contact her.
Instead of her, Harry goes to find Fanny.
He and Llyod are headed to where she's staying.
Oxford, Maryland. They then meet Fanny.
Who now goes by the name Penny.
Adele, with envy and jealousy.
Is trying to poison penny.
As Harry and Llyod arrive.
They both decide.
Harry impersonates Bernard.
So he and Llyod are invited to a seminar.
They get into an argument.
When Harry discovers has a romantic.
A romantic attraction to Penny.
Meanwhile, Adele is still trying to kill Penny.
In the midst, she wants to expose Harry.
Revealing he is not really a husband.
Revealing that he's lying about a package.
She attempts to shoot Penny.
But the attempt is interrupted by Harry.
Harry is injured severely.
Harry admits it he was pranking when he said...

Jim Carry
Jeff Daniels
Laurie Holden

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