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Rhyme Sublime


A rhyme in time may so well sound sublime,

And is just what poetry should be all about.

The more mellow, of each gal and a fellow,

All without any bellow, or one single shout.

Words can be so fun, laughing at every one,

And when rhyming each, it does help a ton.

May elicit us to giggle, in our seats to wiggle,

And without us hearing that garish old pun.


Rhymes may attract, and in our being exact,

Each one may so choose in just what is read,

Can make us all happy, not in being so sappy,

Just before we all take a nap, hop in our bed.

When all seems so glum, forgetting how to hum,

The day may seem so dark or just so very grey,

That funny little rhyme, we thought of just in time,

Or a lyric we remembered, can well save our day.


Forgot to press our pants, we don't have to dance,

As we're shouting out bad cuss words all the while.

Just remember how limber we felt one December,

Dressing as Santa, a formal party, was not in style.

You ran out of gas, on a freeway, at last, want to cry,

Then you recalled the gas can hauled, a reason why.

Like an unhappy little pup, now just pick your chin up,

Better and happier days are coming soon, by and by,


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