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Reward for Uncommon Trust #4

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She laughed. Well if you would not mind me, I do not mind you either, those who have

Come to the hospital have shown that you are a sought-out person among your people and it

Is a matter of time before you break forth. That was how their intimacy becomes deeper, and

They have been exchanging visits. She supported him in paying back the loan and have

Taken a new loan for him to start off the business. Their love has grown and they have

Solidified everything. As he continues with his business, one of his friends who works with

World Bank has submitted his business name for a contract in their island, the contract

Was awarded to him with 70 percent take off grant, and he executed the contract

Successfully, and he has been balanced. He shared the gains he made from the contract in

Ratio 70 to 30 given his wife the 70 percent and taken the 30 percent. His wife says all he

Has is hers’ and he replied that he knows but none the less he wants her to have that, for if it

Has not been because of her, he by now would have been dead and forgotten in the land of

The living. God has brought me to the scene, and I thank God that I have not failed him in

Rescuing you, when I was doing that, I did not even know that I was rescuing my husband,

The man after my heart, my dream, my delight, my joy, I thought I was just following my

Heart, and doing what I have known how to do since my childhood days, I never know

This is how I will be repaid, even when the doctor says you may be one of the bandits, I put

My life on the line to go against the doctor telling him I will give it all it takes to have you

Treated, when he sees my determination, that was when he started the treatment and on

Knowing that, I am a government worker, that also aided him treating you, I am glad for that,

And I thank my stars and my God that I have not missed my husband. After the world bank

Officers inspection of the job and discovering that it was wonderfully executed, he was

Given other contracts to do within and without the island. His friend who works with the

World Bank who has assisted him in getting the initial contract told him that he has stood by

The Dø "Song For Lovers"

Him when everyone forsook him, even the work he is doing at the world bank, he was the

One who took a loan from his cooperative society to give him to transport himself to the

Venue of the interview. He has uncommon trust in him that all would be alright and uses to

Encourage him when he was depressed that he should not lose hope when he has lost

Hope in himself. Ever since he secured the job, he has not have a time to repay him for his

Uncommon trust, assistance to him, and when he sees an opening which would not cause him

Troubles, that was when he also decides to pay him back on knowing that he is still alive

And still a business man. He says, when one does good, it may take time before one reaps the

Fruit of the good deeds one has sown, but one will surely reap it as it has been stated that

Whatever a man soweth that he will also reap…He thanked his friend telling him that not

Many people remember the good deeds one has done for them before, for assuming people

Are remembering those goods deeds others have done for them when they are in problems, I

Think the world would be better than this. That is true he replied but it is being

Stated by the wisest king who ever lived that whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not

Depart from his house. It is a common principle that has over the years been in vogue, that

Perhaps may be the reason why some people’s lives are in jeopardy despite their retinue

Of wealth because they have repaid evil with good and God is paying them and their

Children back in their own coins. I do not want such to be my lot, therefore, I thank God that

You were saved when the thieves attacked you, for if you have not been saved I would for

Ever live in regret for not being able to reward your good deeds back to you before you die,

God answers my prayers and yours and you are saved and above all he has blessed you with a

wonderful, loving, and caring woman who is an ensample for others nigh and far to emulate.

Quote: Galatians 6:7; Proverbs 17:13


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