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Reward for Uncommon Trust #3

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Several tests that has been carried out on him, she has footed the bill from her personal

Account, the money could not be deducted from her health insurance policy because they are

Not related, it is perchance that their blood group matched each other. When he was told that

She has been the one responsible for his upkeep he keeps on thanking her, for if the stray

Bullets have not hit him, he would have been killed like others, because those armed bandits

Did not spare anyone that day after robbing them to the teeth. About two weeks after this, he

Remembered the phone number of whom he uses to call and the lady called him for her,

When his friend answered the call he was happy to hear about him for everyone has been

Worried and have gone to different hospitals and police stations checking for him all to no

Avail. He asks of where he is, but he could not describe the place, and he gives the phone

Back to the lady who describes the hospital she has taken him to, to his friend who promises

To come the following day. Since he is responding to treatment, she has been going to

Hospital albeit not without visiting him and bringing him some foods before she leaves

For her office. When he has gotten in touch with his people, the lady has bought a new phone

For him which she has given his friend, so that he can be talking to him when coming to visit

Him and in case he could not reach her, perhaps she is in a meeting because she has

Suspended so many meetings since the time she has been taken care of him in the hospital.

His people arrived, they saw the lady and thanked her profusely, praying that may the

Almighty God solidify their relationship. The doctor was talked to by his people that he

Should be released into their care for they have standard hospital at their island and they will

Be taken care of him there. He told them that he cannot discharge him like that without


Permission from the person who has brought him to the hospital, she is the one who

Signed for him if she has not signed he wouldn’t have been treated and the unexpected

Would have been the outcome for he was in shock when she brought him to the hospital and

It is not good to dip woods into the eyes of one’s benefactor. His friend replied that they

Agreed and they are not asking that he discharges without her consent, and they will wait for

Her to sign the needful papers for his release. When she arrived from the office, with get well

Greeting card on her and other beautiful things, they told her that they want the doctor to

Release him to them. She said that is good and asks if they will have a better place to take

Care of him like the hospital, to which they have replied in the affirmative. After answering

Her, she went to the doctor to sign the necessary documents and he was discharged. They

Could not leave that night again the following day when she was going to her work place, she

Branched to say hi before they leave. She left her phone with him and though that they have

Been in constant communication. The hospital of his island too was a good hospital and

They have taken good care of him, and his health has improved drastically. However, he has

Lost all his income, and is indebted to the thrift society because he took loan when he wants

To embark on the trip. Health is wealth his friend and family members stated to him, that

All that he lost shall be restored because we serve a God who restores all that a person may

Have lost. He believes them and keeps his peace. Through the android he and the lady who

Rescues him continue their acquaintance, they share anything among themselves. She

Asks the lady about her spouse and she replies that she is single and has been hoping and

Praying for someone to be married to. The guy told her that, a jobless person cannot propose

To a lady who is gainfully employed with retinue of staff attending to her.


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