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Reward for Uncommon Trust #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


About 60 minutes after this incident, vehicles started plying the place, but none stopped at

The site of the incident for fear of being attacked, for it is the belief by the people that some

Of them could still be hiding and be waiting for those who would want to come to their

Rescue and attack them too. When the day has broken and sun has emerged from the

West, this young lady while driving along the path and she saw the scene of the incident,

Decides to stop and after examining the incidents, discovered that the young entrepreneur is

Yet breathing though soaked in blood decided to help him while she calls on the security

Personnel to bring the ambulance and pack the rest bodies. She managed to take him to her

Car with the blood staining all her clothes as she drove out of the place to the nearby hospital.

When she gets to the hospital, the medical personnel do not want to attend to him because

They do not know about him and because he has gun shots on him. The lady says she has just

Rescued him and they should attend to him, but they turned her down asking her to sign some

Documents for him if she really wants them to attend to him. She signed the documents

Before they start attending to him. She could not go to her place of work that day as she

Stayed by him throughout at the demand of the senior medical officer on duty. As he also

Narrates his ordeal that they have treated someone like that who has been brought to the

Hospital by one of their members and after dropping him at the hospital she claims she wants

To go and report at her work place and would be back shortly unknown to them that she was

A member of the gang and has stylishly left the guy. When the law enforcement agencies

Arrived, they would not want to listen to anything that he nor any member of the hospital has

To say, what they keep on saying was that they were the ones treating armed robbers and had

The Official "Get Well Soon!" Song

Charged them to court. If not that he has employed the services of an astute lawyer, he

Would have been jailed for what he knows nothing about. Since then, anyone who brings

People with gunshot wounds into the hospital must stay by his or her patient till the

Atmosphere be cleared and certainty is reached that the patient is not a thief and all that

Has been said about him in the history is right. She phoned her office to tell them she will not

Be coming and described the hospital to one of her staff in case there is complications in the

Office that she would like to attend to. Members of staff of her office has brought some of

The urgent files to her to attend to and append her signatures on so that there would be no

Delay in the office works. She stayed with the young entrepreneur for about five days before

He could open his eyes. When he opened his eyes all he could remember was the incident

That happened, how they had been attacked. The people at home have been worried, they

Have heard the news of the attack and that the people have been killed, they went to the

Morgue to identify his corpse but his was not there. They asked from the security

Personnel and were told that all the bodies they found at the site of the incident have been

Taken to the morgue, if he is not among those corpses, it may mean that those bandits have

Kidnapped him and they should be expecting call from them to demand a ransom they

Added to his people. They returned to their abode sorrowfully, stating that, knowing that

One’s child is dead is better than missing one’s child. Before they left the law enforcement

Agencies place, they told them that in case they were the ones who heard anything about

Him first they should not hesitate to intimate them. He later got to know that it was that

Damsel who helped him to the hospital and she has been taken care of him since, buying his

Drugs, donated blood for his transfusion and has paid for blood to be transfused into his body.



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