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Reward for Uncommon Trust #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He is a micro-scale business person, who uses to travel to an island bordered by the sea to

Buy his goods because things are cheaper at that island, for she has ports where goods

Transported by the ships are being dropped, and cleared by their owners, and sometimes

When those people who have imported the goods could not raise the money to clear the

Goods they can call on some people who are interested in the goods to pay for the goods and

Clear them while they will remove their gains from the goods. At some other instances when

Some goods could not be cleared by the importer the customs and have become demurrage

The customs officers after several messages to the owner (importer) of those goods would

Sell those goods off at a cheaper rate to people who could afford it. Thus, by this means,

There are some opportunities for small scale business persons in this island to buy things at

A cheaper rate. After the purchase of those goods, they can sell them to others from other

Islands. He knows traveling to buy things from that island brings a lot of gain for him other

Than buying from some of the wholesalers in his island because those people would have

Added other money to those goods which will make the prices of the goods high, and

Consumers and customers in his island, when a price of a good changes by “a cent” they will

Walk miles to buy the goods from the place that the price is reduced by a cent. No one can

Really blame them, for it is the level of poverty that is high in the island that makes this a

Recurrent incident in the island. To satisfy his customers yearnings and demands, he used to

Gather money together to travel to the island, and since he belongs to cooperative and thrift

Society in the island which is the commonest lending groups scattered all over the island for

Micro-scale and small scale business people, he also uses to take loans from the thrift society

To support whatever he has saved for his business expansion. He has taken a loan from the

Thrift society and has left his house very early in the morning for the trip to the island

Bordered by the sea to buy some goods. Their vehicle was getting close to the border of the

Island he was going to when they were attacked by the thieves. The economic recession

That the republic has been plunged to, coupled with the terrorists ceaseless attacks have

Worsened the income per head in the island such that many of the youths have been turned to armed

Bandits. Many of those who had traveled in the latest periods have decried the position of

The island’s roads that have been taken over by armed bandits to the rulers of the islands but

They have not been able to arrest the situation. Those armed bandits have placed branches of

Cut trees and big stones on the road, at a corner, their driver did not see this until they

Have been closed to it, as he puts his leg on the brake with the tyres screeching on the road,

Before he could do any other maneuvering those armed bandits have ran out of their closets

To the road to their vehicle with face masks on, they have fired gun shots into the air and

Ordered them out of the car. As they walked out of the car, they have divided themselves into

Groups, those who are watching the roads for security personnel, those monitoring the

Passengers as they lay on the floor with their faces to the ground, and those searching the

Vehicle for money. Few of those passengers perhaps did not know that those bandits have

Positioned themselves at strategic positions on the road, and thence made an attempt at

Escaping from where they were, and as they were running off, they were being fired at by

Others monitoring them, and they had died on the spot, albeit stray bullets hit this young

Entrepreneur and they had left him for dead too as they left the scene after carting away their Money and killing the rest people.


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