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Revolution - the Moment When the Bubble Bursts

Poetry is the food of the soul. It's my greatest contribution to the world and an area I can always grow.


That moment…

When the bubble bursts

Your reality comes crashing down

What was real; now in question

Every answer in doubt

Every doubt another question

Indistinguishable narratives

So many lies, so many diversions

Packaged so delicately

Delivered gleefully

Talking heads on a digital screen

What I say, not what I do

Good for me, but not for you

Follow orders and obey

The same old message, every day

But the wall is crumbling

An unexpected decay

Layer after soiled layer

Weakness grew from within

Too many secrets

Mouths to feed

A need for greed

The mountaintop within sight

Eyes on the prize

But not for everyone

Even those who feel entitled

Loyal foot soldiers

Trampled underfoot

Wait and see

When the book is opened

Names are named

Crimes are exposed

Watch them try to run and hide

Blame those on the other side

New diversions

Same perversions

Cancel culture

New age vultures

Circling the battlefields

The weakened ones

Break their chains

End the pain

Fan the flames

Absolution leads to


One solution


© 2019 Ralph Schwartz

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